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We are scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and space enthusiasts

By sharing knowledge and ideas we aim to foster synergies that can help humanity to settle on Mars

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Going to Mars is not only crucial for the future well-being of humanity but also because the journey will drive breakthroughs that improve life on Earth.


Our efforts to go to Mars span beyond borders. We are a thriving international community and welcome any Earthling to join our cause.


We believe that the knowledge sharing and synergies fostered by this community can lead to the acceleration of man’s journey to Mars.

Mars Meetups

Meet like-minded people at one of our offline meetups.

  • December 2015

    Making Money in Space

    After a break we're excited to continue our Mars Meetups in December. The topic of this meetup is about making money in space, which plays a crucial part in making space exploration a sustainable endeavor. Join us for this amazing night and pre-register here


    Psychology of long-duration isolation

    We are proud to announce that Dr. James Kass will be guest speaker at our next Mars Meetup. Dr. Kass has been working in the human spacefield for more than 30 years and will share his rich experience and perspective. Location: Leiden Visitor Centre (3rd floor), 19.00h. Register here


    Humanity's future is on Mars

    We are thrilled to announce that space pioneer Rick Tumlinson will be the guest speaker at our next Mars Meetup. Rick is considered one of the key people who helped create the current commercial space industry. Location: 'de Atmosfeer', Delft: 19.00h. Register here

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